Release 0.4 Week 3

Oh my this week is a doozy.

Having said what I needed to say so far, I don’t think that there needs to be much said. I finished the Pull Requests! (albiet with barely any time to spare). But before that I do need to address some concerns I’ve had over the last release, motivation issues being the main point here.

Some background: I have a hyper active thyroid and have been getting myself treated over the past 2 years. For the uninitiated the thyroid handles hormones for your body. This in itself is bad because when it is overactive your body is essentially running above pace, for example 1.5x speed. With the treatments I have been getting the goal was to make it under functioning in order for me to regulate it with medication. Needless to say with the rut I was in, I made myself a decision and  I got myself checked out again at a walk in clinic. It was time to see what was wrong because I’ve been psyched out this month in particular. I was suggested to consume more of the medication I have been taking to regulate the thyroid. It worked and I feel more in line to do work and study (great time in particular coming into exam period at my school).

Lets move on to my Pull requests:

I whacked out 2 pull requests to supplement my downturn last week. One of them wasn’t the greatest because of crunch time but I feel content overall due to the situation I was in.

This pull request went through and did some housecleaning. I had felt that my previous Pull Requests were alright but the pictures and links were not consistent. I wanted to open a pull request addressing and fixing them without having the baggage of a full pull request that I did later.

This pull request went through a short video and some research that amounted to very little, so I did what I could here. This section of the documents handled sharing. Sharing is a very small topic in the grand scheme of Android but it is used very often. The documents I were made for an introduction to the space, along with showing the new way to do things. Previously you had to create and action handler to handle every share but google created a new API to handle it. Because it is still relatively new there isn’t much information to it (along with it being a lot easier to specify stuff with so little information). Overall the research if I knew was this scarce, if given the time I would of asked the project head to help me with researching to fulfill this document more.

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