Release 0.4 Week 1

Week 1:

This week, trying to stay disciplined, I hoped to pick up another issue from Popespaceous’ Solitary project that I have worked on for the last few weeks. Instead I was greeted with a message on the issue I worked on.

PopeSpaceous tasked me with trying to set up the animation. With almost no knowledge about the file structure, conventions and more I asked in the group discord to see if I could fish for some help.

This video was linked to me and was a starting point for setting up the animation. After finishing it I was wondering where it was stored. I took a good ol’ look at the file structure and found that the previous door animation was stored in


So I created a new directory called Level_Door2 and created the same framework for it, this included the animation for Opening, Closing, and Starting the close animation. I copied the controller I made through some tinkering and brought up the wireframe gui for it. It shows the action flow, for example when closing, you start in the opened animation, start up the starting to close animation into the closed animation point.

It was a short Pull Request but required a lot of work.

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